Dental Implants in Salt Lake City

What are Dental Implants?
Dental Implants have been used successfully for many years. The implant itself is a post that is surgically placed in the jaw. A prosthesis (artificial tooth or teeth) is then attached to the post. Both the surgical phase of treatment and the restorative phase is completed at our office.
What are Mini-Implants?
Mini-implants can be used in some situations. Visit our mini-implants page to learn more.
Implant — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Restoration — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
What are Dental Implants Used For?
There are two basic uses for Dental Implants:
  1. As an artificial root for a fixed prosthesis (usually a single tooth or fixed bridge).
  2. As anchors for a removable prosthesis (usually an Implant-Retained Denture).
What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?
Implants are generally considered as an alternative to Dentures, Partials, or Bridges. When replacing a missing tooth in the front of the mouth, nothing looks more natural than an implant. One important benefit of implants when used for Implant-Retained Dentures is that they slow the shrinking of bone and gum tissue under the denture.

  • Of Americans between the ages of 18 and 64, approximately 49% are missing at least one tooth.
  • Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement system ever devised.
  • More than nine out of ten implants last longer than 15 years.
  • Dental implants never develop decay.
  • Dental implants never require root canals.
  • Dental implants preserve the jawbone, which can prevent premature aging.
  • No one can be disqualified for implant treatment solely because of their age -- some patients receive implant treatment when they are in their nineties!
How are Dental Implants placed?
Dental Implant Step One — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step One:
The gum is gently folded back and a space is prepared for the implant to be placed.
Dental Implant Step Two — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step Two:
The dental implant "anchor" is put into place.
Dental Implant Step Three — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step Three:
The gum tissue is replaced over the implant and the implant is left alone for several months so the bone can attach to the implant and create a secure anchor.
Dental Implant Step Four — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step Four:
After the implant has had a chance to attach to the bone tissue, the excess gum tissue is removed from above the implant.
Dental Implant Step Five — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step Five:
The temporary cap is removed from the anchor and a post is attached to the anchor.
Dental Implant Step Six — Professional Dentistry in Salt Lake City,UT
Step Six:
The implant is now ready for a prosthesis: A single tooth much like a crown, a fixed bridge, or an Implant-Retained Denture.